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From Atomic Temple Online:

I Am The Sex Toy:

G-Spot Vibrator: Simple and to the point. I know how you like it and thats how I do it. Not much else to say about myself.

Find out what sex toy you are.

My Favorite Male Part Is:

The Arm: Strong and protective.

Good for slave labour too...

Find out your favorite male body part!

What magazine am I?

I am Book: There is nothing better then the written word. Nothing engrosses me more then a masterpiece on paper. If you want to watch COPS you can always dig my TV out of the dumpster.

What magazine am I?

Am I The Greatest Song In The World?

Nay: I am merely a bad cover of a good cover of the greatest song in the world!

Are you the greatest song in the world?

The B-Movie That Suits Me Is:

Robot Monster: Although Blood Feast might deserve this title better, Robot Monster is known as the king of crappy movies. Unlike Blood Feast, this movie played in major theatres. One of the writers took it so seriously that when the movie got much deserved bad reviews, he attempted suicide. In his mind it was art.

Find out which b-movie suits you.

What stock broker am I?

I am completely inept: I mean well and I think I am an expert, but honestly I'm a little on the slow side. If I really knew how to invest would I keep this lame job?

What stock broker am I?

I Am The 3rd Party:

The Natural Law Party: You're a strange one, thats for sure. Calling yourself the party based on science, your most interesting claim to fame is a heavy reliance on yoga in your national policy. Ignoring your kooky side, you sometimes make a lot of sense. And your leader is probably the smartest cadidate out there. Too bad he's crazy.

Find out what 3rd party you are!

Book Worm Meter for KJB
Shut In 93%
7% Out Of The House
Intellectual 59%
41% Moron
High Attention Span 95%
5% Low Attention Span
Bookitude 96%
4% Book Burner
Book Worm 85.75%
14.25% Bug Stomper
Take your bookworm readings.

My Romance Meter
Optimist 50%
50% Cynic
Close 59%
41% Distant
Long Term 30%
70% Brief
What does my romance meter read?

What is my spectrum?

I am green: My main color is green. I like to have fun and comfort. Happiness is the marker of a great life.

What is my spectrum?
Will KJB Survive A Pit Match Against Clinton And Bush?
0% chance Bush would kill you.
24% chance Clinton would kill you.
33% chance he would sexually harass you.
76% chance you would kill them.
Enter Combat

How Mad Are you?
i have issues. but i also recognise this fact and do what i can to resolve those issues. i may have spent a long time letting those issues control me, but now i'm ready to take the upper hand and wonder about the world around me. i'm getting to be well-balanced, but i'm not quite there yet.

Which LotR Character are you?

The Sushi Quiz!
Love 1. Maguro : flirtatious on the surface, but honest inside.
Money 2. Salmon : you buy anything you like.
Career 3. Maguro : strong personality, persistent. treasure your family and colleagues.
Family 4. Yellow Tail : your mood swings easily, your demands keep changing, you feel annoyed about your family.
Wish 5. Anago : want to be a strong and rich person.

What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Beret.I am a Beret.

I am an art-house artist. I do things in unusual ways; if I were to make a movie, it would be notably 'independent'. If I were to make music, it would be 'experimental'. I may sometimes seem pretentious, but it's not a pretence. What Sort of Hat Are You?

Yes, that's right! Pinch yourself silly! The young buck who's arguably *NSYNC's most popular member - Justin Timberlake -- is your ideal *NSYNC love match! Squeak!
The baby of the *NSYNC family, and also the tallest, Justin likes his women to be optimistic, with sunny dispositions and upbeat character. All you whinin' gothic chicks just better gaze in another direction, because Justin frowns on "sarcasm and pessimism." And why shouldn't he? What's he got to be depressed about! Don't be bringin' him down, man!
Jus also doesn't have much time for girls who are psychologically needy and who spend half the night in the loo readjusting their makeup because they think they look less than stellar. Self-confidence is a big turn-on for Timbo; self-deprecation annoys him terribly. So shape up and suck down the Prozac before steppin' out on the town with Justin.
Ol' Justin likes relatively healthy foods, has a penchant for modern and classic R&B, and has pretty decent taste in movies. (He's a Usual Suspects fan, so he can't be all that bad.) You zodiac followers will be interested to know that Jus is an Aquarian, which means he's sociable, communicative, adaptable and positive.
So who cares if he's been linked with "just good friend" Britney Spears? She can use a little competition! Go get 'em, sister!

What type of makeup are you?


Which is funny, b/c I don't like peach in the least.

You Are a Cybernormal!
You know how to find all the online action.
But you only respond if you have a strong attraction.
You've got to step up, if you want to get down or dirty.
Or you might not get laid again - until you're 30!

What's your sex sign?
More About You Aries...
Remember, your sex sign has nothing to do with when you were born but instead is derived from your projected sexual peak.
Aries, you are headstrong, spoiled, fiery in temperment, and fiercely independent. You always want to be the best anyone's ever had, and you'll spend all night convincing your lover that you are. Don't worry - you usually are the best anyone has ever had. When you get down, you don't leave out anything.
Sexually, you're a leader and very sure of yourself. One of your favorite positions is being on top, where you can move freely - while letting your lover observe you orgasm. Sex with you is always exciting. You start with teasing, playful seduction - that always drives your lovers wild with frustration. You always deliver though!
You love being over powered, and you respond to a strong sexual appetite with equal fervor. The confident lover who can give you breathtaking, powerful sex will have you eating out of his or her hand.

What Ass do you have?
You Have a Nice Ass!
Oooh, baby can you shake that booty?
With an ass so fine, it's your duty.
Give it a grab, give it a spank.
You're the envy of every skank.

What's your Japanese Subculture?
You Are a Schoolgirl!
You're not quite as wild as a "kogyaru", but with your short plaid skirt and silly white socks, you're still a sexual fetish object.
You can usually be seen hanging out in the girly section of the video game places, collecting photobooth stickers of you and your friends. You may not be as innocent as you look.
Did those vending machine panties once belong to you?

Which Sex&The City Vixen Best Matches Your Sex Style?

What color should your hair be?
Woo-hoo! don't You feel special? You're Unique and Fun And energetic, And most importantly You know when to just sit back and have a Rocking good time!

I am 14% Punk Rock
Take the Punk Rock Test
It's not a fashion craze, or even a cool thing to do. I should just swallow it, get Lost, and take my friends with me.

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